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Natasha Doyle-Merrick

"Displaced" is a captivating photographic narrative co-created by Natasha Doyle-Merrick, Lillian James-Taei, and Kassandra Tomliness. This thought-provoking project tells the story of a young Black family whose neighborhood is undergoing revitalization. Through haunting imagery, the photo-narrative explores the challenges faced by the family as they are forced to conform to capitalist standards of acquisition, resulting in their adaptation to a new community and a new home. 

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By actively engaging with the Ontario NDP in the Eglinton and Lawrence area, we can build a solid political force that champions the voices of all residents. Together, we can work towards fostering a diverse and inclusive community where every individual's needs are addressed, ensuring a better future for all. Click below to make a donation to help build a stronger Eglinton and Lawrence

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